Brand New Truth

by Kalee Joy

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released February 25, 2014

All songs written & performed by Kalee Guenther and produced by Christian de Looper

One Bed, One Bath
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals: Kalee Guenther
Cello & Percussion: Christian de Looper

Brand New Truth
Arranger: Reuben Spencer
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals: Kalee Guenther
Electric Guitar & Bass: Thom Siegel
Drums: Jessica Anderson
Trumpet: Gerard Ahlgren
Trombone: Cody LeDuc
Tenor Saxophone: Reuben Spencer
Percussion: Christian de Looper

Morals, etc.
Acoustic Guitar, ‘Hooplah’ Percussion, & Vocals: Kalee Guenther
Drums & ‘Hooplah’ Percussion: Seth Hynes-Marquette
Accordion Wind: Patrick Thompson

Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, & Vocals: Kalee Guenther
Drums: Seth Hynes-Marquette
Bass: Christian de Looper

Arranger: Reuben Spencer
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals: Kalee Guenther
Cello & Violin: Uchenna Chidozie
Violin: Rebecca Augustine
Drums: Ryan LeMay
Electric Guitar: Thom Seigel
Bass: Luke Ibach
Piano: Christian de Looper

Talk of the Town
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals: Kalee Guenther
Accordion: Patrick Thompson

4am Glory
Ukulele & Vocals: Kalee Guenther
Piano: Christian de Looper
Drums: Seth Hynes-Marquette



all rights reserved


Kalee Joy Minneapolis, Minnesota

Erupting from the tundra of the midwest, Kalee Joy is a singer-songwriter strolling the streets of Minneapolis with her folky sounds and eclectic bunch of instruments.

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Track Name: One Bed, One Bath
If you wanted to flee the city
If the lights were far too bright
I’d gladly move to the wilderness
Live secluded in a cabin by your side
We wouldn’t have bills or any payments
Just a roof over our heads to fight the storm
Up high hidden in the forest
You’ll have my love to keep you warm.

Though you’re drunk and falling down
I’d shout it loud across the town
If you slurred you loved me
Just as I love you
Hand in hand, through the grass
We’d run together fast
If you let it be known you loved me too

If only, if only, if only, if only,
if you did.

If you wanted to sleep together
I’d make a fort out of only sheets
We’d kick off each other’s shoes
And I’d help you count your sheep
If you’re too sore to catch your food
I’d venture off into town
We’d feast like kings on mac n’ cheese
I’d even let you wear the crown

Through the years I wasted time
Dreaming dreams of you and I
Hoping all ‘what if’s would be ‘I do’s
My apartment feels so small
Up six floors, no back yard
But I’ll move on one day from you

If only, if only, if only, if only,
if I ever do.

This one bed, one bath
It’s driving me completely mad
Cause there’s a key under the mat for you
If you ever decide to put it to good use

If only, if only, if only, if only,
if I ever do.
Track Name: Brand New Truth
I wake up on the wrong side of the bed
Staying up, I told you I’m interested
Just in case, just in case, just in case
You wanna take me home

Fled the scene, I know I was drunk on what used to be
And I sober up, sobered up
Just in case, just in case, just in case
You wanna let me know

Here I am, holding hands with your occupancy
And it’s so comforting
And I’ll give you this brand new truth,
If you wanna go there
Look at me, I’m on my knees
with your cross to bare
And your fragile stare
I’ll give you this brand new truth,
And we can start over
And we’ll start over again.

Fade to black; I know your heart has never looked like that
It’s coming back, it’s coming back
Just in case, just in case, just in case
You wanna let me know
Just in case, just in case, just in case
You wanna let me go
Track Name: Morals, etc.
Tied tight in a clove-hitch
I was waiting for home
You got your hands on my thigh
Your bloodshot eyes
They were wrestling with my collarbone

A blanket of bruises on a bed of clavicle
I’m scrounging for the words
They usually go unheard
And I can’t even feel you at all

And you hit & you miss; you hit & you miss me ‘til I go.
And you push & you pull; you push & you pull me to and fro.

I’m no good with road maps
I keep getting lost; I keep getting lost inside of you
And I’m no good with morals
Cause I keep coming back, I keep coming back, come back to you.

The sun shows its teeth in a fog of dust and smoke
I’ve had you so many times
I chew on your lies
and now I understand I’d rather soon choke

And you’re drinking me down; you’re drinking me down until I’m dry
And you’re smoking me up; you’re smoking me up until I’m
Track Name: Milk
The milk, it’s gone bad
It doesn’t brush its teeth
No, it won’t crawl out of bed
But you still drink it, from time to time
I guess you’re still keeping your eyes peeled
You don’t even understand the drinks you could try

The sea, it’s boiled up
I cannot reach the bottom
My heart sinks with all my luck
But I still dive for reason my old self has come across
It’s beaten and bruised and the milk is always gone

I can relate
Every time you leave me high & dry, I actuate
I can relate

My tongue, it’s swollen up
I cannot waste one single word
I can’t afford the blood
But I still try for reason she’s rotten to the core
Why would you waste any time on her
Come over here, I’ll take you to the store
Track Name: Hoot
Wondering, wondering, I’m wondering when my days are due
Wandering, wandering, I’m wandering my way to you

Whispering, whispering, all your words are just diving off the tongue
Stammering, stammering, all that I wish is to turn and run

You’re pulling me into your sea
And now I’ll drown quite happily
And then you said it out loud
Maybe I’m gonna drown

Hanging high, hanging high, tied up my noose just as tight as it goes
Cut me down, set me free, just let me loose from all my woes

Now you’re flying passed my tree
And you hoot so I know it’s real
And then you said it’s my fowl
I heard the whisper, the owl
Track Name: Talk of the Town
Did you know I’m self-involved
Did you know, did you know that I was so small
Despite your height, you’re microscopic too
I don’t hang on your every word
I don’t haunt you; I’m just a curse
And you kept me a secret
I made you the talk of the town

I still free fall when you tell me not to jump
I smile a little smile all while I’m in a slump
Cause the door’s been bolted shut, as it should’ve been a long time ago
My heart just stopped breaking for you, as far as you know

Does it scare you to know that I felt this strong
or did you just expect to stay the night and be gone
Cause you slammed the door and woke me up, I cried all morning long
And I hoped you’d come back, I suppose I was wrong

I admire you from afar; I’ve only touched you once
Never told you how I felt, Cause I thought I’d be enough
But you moved out of state and I’m not allowed to give one fuck
I always wanted love, I knew it wasn’t with us
We used to lay in bed and watch Lord of the Rings
I’d gladly be your queen, but you’ll never be my king
I’m slightly overwhelmed; I’ve been here for the five months passed
And I’m sulking cause I know you only liked me when I was on my back

You kept me a secret, I made you the talk of the town
Track Name: 4am Glory
You wear the morning after with a great, great pride
An empty bottle of Daniel’s is all you left behind
Oh my
You came to me with drunken hands crawling up my hip
You left a bitter taste of whiskey branded on my lip
And that’d be okay
If you would have stayed

And all I fear is the chance that you might never know
And all I hear is the silence you leave when you go, go, go, go.

Oh, Just leave me be, just leave me be
I’m content in my 4am glory

My heart was dangling by a string on my sleeve
And your brittle bones, they were hollowed out and clinging onto me
You hold my heart so firmly in your hands
You use your “big boy words” but you claim to be a “man”
And that would be just fine
If you would be mine